Learning Tools

So I thought I would make a post of what I am using to learn Esperanto. Part of the reason I wanted to learn Esperanto was so I could try a bunch of different things and see which one works the best for me. So now I’m using.

Anki: Found a deck for Esperanto on the shared deck page, I’ve modified it to be split into two decks. English -> Esperanto and Esperanto -> English. I recently took all the grammar related cards out of the deck and then added AwesomeTTS so I could hear the pronunciations of the words. I think I’ll be making more adjustments to the decks in the future, I’m thinking about pulling out all the months of the year and doing them all at once.
I’ll also be making my own vocab decks as well, my first one will be for all the words that I need to know to actually use my computer while in Esperanto!


I’ve done some of the lessons on lernu! But they just aren’t for me, I will be taking the sentences and the audio clips and throwing them into an anki deck for some Eo-En sentences.

Teach Yourself
I noticed my university library has a copy of Teach Yourself Esperanto, gonna check it out after my last midterm and take it for a test run, since the Teach Yourself books are quite popular. The book is also said to be the best teach yourself book ever in the history of teach yourself, but that might just be a little bit of hype.

Project Gutenberg

Not so much a learning tool, but Project Gutenberg has a lot of legally free books to read, including books in and about Esperanto. The books I’m using are:

The Last American

This book is really for motivation, not so much learning, it is certainly something I would enjoy if I had the vocab to understand it.

English-Esperanto Dictionary
I use this when I’m reading The Last American, along with lernu! which also has a dictionary.

The Esperanto Teacher
I’ve flipped through some of the pages, looks okay but its a bit dated in my opinion. Might use it in conjunction with the Teach Yourself book.

Thats really all I got for now, until next week stay safe and keep learning!


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