Procrastination Free Environment

Procrastination is by far my biggest problem, I’m doing it now by writing this blog post… You are Not so Smart  has a great post on procrastination, I would recommend giving it a read!

100% of my procrastination activities are mindlessly browsing the internet and reading Wikipedia pages, forums and all that good stuff. So based on that article I decided to block all of those distracting websites. This didn’t work for long because I somehow managed to find different sites to waste time on and ways around the blocker.

So after some more thought I recalled an article on AJATT, where Khatz suggests that the way to get work done is to have work on the path of least resistance. Taking this into consideration I’ve decided to unplug my gaming computer and use my old Linux desktop as my main computer.

It’s fitted with everything I need to get work done and everything I don’t need is inaccessible (Other then WordPress…).I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects what I do!

So now that I’ve shared my methods, what do you do to stop procrastination?


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