Excuses, Excuses

Sorry about last week the last two weeks, I was going to take time to write a post about my progress in Esperanto but two parts homework and one part procrastination managed to make me post nothing.

As this semester starts to come to a close, I’ve gotten a lot busier. After giving it some thought, instead of giving you a rushed post about my progress in the last month, I’ve decided I will abstain from posting until after my exams finish. Then I will take time to figure out how well I’ve accomplished my goals and what I need to improve on and what I did right. All that stuff.

Unfortunately this means I wont be posting again until the middle of December. I will of course be continuing my studies of Esperanto, (and between you and me, I’ve started doing some Japanese again, on the side). I promise an awesome post when I come back!

Until then, take care!


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