Mini Mission 1

Since I haven’t been able to keep up my 1 post a week promise I figured I’d be safe to break it for the sake of telling you guys about my mini mission this weekend, and the way I will use this blog in the future.

First the mini mission! I’ve got 259 Anki cards (kanji) that need reviewing, and the large number has put me off doing it, so my mission for this weekend is to review all 259 of them and get ready for learning new kanji next week! That’s all there is to this mini mission, wish me luck?

As for how I will be using this blog from this point on, I’m going to move to weekly summaries of what I’ve learned. My posts will explain how many new kanji are in my Anki deck, how much grammar  I’ve looked into, what have I done in or listened to in Japanese. That sort of thing, almost like a journal I guess! I’ve been thinking about having a Pokedex style widget that counts how many kanji I’ve “seen” and how many I’ve “caught”. Seen would be that they’re in my deck and I’ve review them once or twice. Caught on the other hand would be the kanji I know the meaning to..  I’m hard pressed to find anything else to count, it’s not easy counting how many hours I listen to Japanese. It’s also hard to quantify how much grammar I know. Counting the time I spent watching anime isn’t a good quantifier either, just because I watched it doesn’t mean I understood it. I want to gamify as much of my language learning as possible, but I’m not really sure how :/. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your comments, suggestions and ideas!


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